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160 Bridge Road
NSW 2145

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Westmead Medical Centre is a state-of-the art facility providing dedicated general practice, dental, physiotherapy and dietician and psychology services with expert nurse support. Our boutique, general practice provides our patients with doctors of the highest caliber. We believe in holistic healthcare for the patient and their family. We value listening to a patient's concerns and understanding them before attempting to make a diagnosis and formulate a management plan. We aim to form lifelong relationships with our patients to ensure they live a healthy and fruitful life. Our doctors are highly-qualified, specialist general practitioners involved in training junior doctors. We specialise in all aspects of general practice and our health professionals hold special interests in: Children's health and immunisation Women's and men's health Antenatal care Travel medicine Mental health Diabetes Asthma Heart disease Preventive medicine Skin checks and excisions Worker's compensation Pre-employment medical assessments Drivers licence medical examinations Geriatric medicine

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