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Why choose The Doctor of Self-Worth - your breakthrough is a phone call away?

Is it time to to get out of your own way to see new results in your life? I help to identify what holds you back and release it whether they are emotions or limited beliefs so you can define and and live your new Self-worth identity. I have found that the world is full of HOW courses while they are not addressing the most important point of change or breakthrough. It is 80% mindset, 20% the "how" or strategy. I am about lasting deep transformational change. Not surface tips or actions to do. I found that a lot of people are absolutely lost as they have taken on so much external programming (other people, media, news, friends, parents) they have forgotten who they are. Looking for your true self and purpose? Are you very busy distracting yourself so you do not need to face this? Your breakthrough is a new thought or a new meaning away from you. How about uncovering who you really are under that old worn identity that does not serve you? We can retire it together so you can live a life of passion? I am here to support you on the journey back to yourself. See the transformations in my Facebook news feed and in the reviews folder

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