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About Springfield Mo Men Mark & Paul first signed up for Movember 2012 and raised a total of $600 between them. That year they had a couple of mates that were struggling with depression and also a couple of people they new that were having issues in regards to Mens Health. ​They found that men hardly talked about their issues and contacted the Movember Foundation to see what they can do to raise awareness about mens' health within the community of Greater Springfield. This trend continued for a couple of years with just growing Moustaches and raising awareness, with little funds being raised. ​In 2019, with the planning and extension of so much support, Matthew, another local Springfield resident has joined Springfield Mo-Men and has brought a lot of marketing/social media ideas to the table. This year again will bring another event in November and planning is well on its way – SMM have secured a venue and are now working on the final points… a release of details and merchandise will follow soon………….. JOIN THE MO MEN TEAM TODAY To bring awareness to our community of Greater Springfield, QLD the issues behind men's health. Make sure that we are having regular check ups for our health, including prostate and testicular cancer. Most of all in making sure each and everyone of us has someone to talk to and to reduce the loss of life through suicide- it is OK not to be OK!

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