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Armstrong Creek Medical Centres Listed Near You

Earthenlight Energy Healing
I offer deep healing, re - balancing and restoration on the human bio magnetic energy field using an advanced form of reiki known as the Kiniyan evolution. This technique harnesses and elevates the human being into a higher state of consciousness
Carolyne Diana D'Arcy
I offer the service of Art Therapy to any age and happy to accept qoin.
Pat Armitstead is at the forefront of Transforming Workplace Wellbeing, presenting over 1000 keynotes internationally and facilitating Workplace Wellbeing Programs in business and health sectors. ​ ​She works with leaders, event managers, organisa
Scripts on Qoin
Prescriptions on Qoin available Australia wide please phone first before sending Prescriptions. We need your Medicare No. & expiry date, medication profile, Prescription & payment. Items dispensed via registered post Tuesday - Friday. Posta
Pathways To Harmony.
Pathways2Harmony draws roots from 'Dream Alignment.' A cutting-edge modality & profound innovation in healing. Dream alignment recalibrates the electron on DNA's deepest levels of the human systems livening a person physically, intellectually
Bilateral Drawing Therapy.
Bilateral means - involving two sides. Sensory intergration is associated with bilateral techniques. Connecting thinking with feeling. The intent is to not make art but instead engage both hands in spontaneous guided drawing. This activates
Aaron the Locum
I am a locum pharmacist with 5+ years of management experience. I am avaliable by call text or booking online Currently servicing the Morton Bay Area
Diabetic Health Clinic
The Diabetic Health Clinic teaches how to normalise blood sugar levels through the appropriate lifestyle. Utilising our lifestyle program a person with high sugar levels under a doctors supervision may be able to return to a drug free life. This life
Ross Walter Nutritionist & Naturopath
Ross Walter, award-winning and experienced clinical nutritionist and naturopath, health writer and presenter of health and nutrition seminars! I am dedicated and passionate about helping you to improve your health! I look at the root causes of
The NeuroSpinology Centre
Helping you restore optimal performance by helping your body stabilise the joints of your spine.
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