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Welcome to Naturoway Naturopathy integrates conventional health sciences, with a range of herbs, nutritional supplements, teas, creams and flower essences to treat a person as a whole. This is achieved by assessing all aspects of the individual's health, including their physical, mental and emotional state. Naturopathy acknowledges the importance of identifying the underlying causes and triggers which may be inhibiting further improvement of an individuals' overall health status. ulie visited her first Naturopath in 2000 and never looked back. She saw such great results, that she used the inspiration to become qualified herself. She has an extraordinary passion for health, fitness and wellbeing and has extensive experience in all areas. Julie has a very approachable manner and consults without judgment. She's happy to work in conjunction with your other health care providers to ensure a safe and combined approach. Julie is extremely self-motivated and always looking for a challenge to develop her skills and knowledge to continually grow. She will endeavour to educate, empower and support you to take a more active approach in your own health care.

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