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We are an Australian owned brand eager to assist people in their muscular recovery and physical maintenance through the use of micro current vibrational tools. Our mission is to highlight the importance of staying pro active when it comes to recovery and health, as this is the key towards living a wholesome, revitalizing life and avoiding physical restraints. The Ultimate Massage Gun! Not only is it powerful and functional, its also extremely easy to use now with an LCD touch screen to utilize all 30 adjustable speed and power application modes. The uttermost perfect application tool to break up scar tissue, alleviate muscle soreness, relax knots, cramps, spasms and overall quality of movement. Its Lightweight - 800 grams Its Powerful - with 30 different speed levels ranging from 2400 to 4800 pulses/min, providing a low to high pressure percussive massage experience allowing a greater rapid recovery routine. Relieve your pains from head to toe! Its Quiet - Have no problem using this tool whilst watching TV, at the office job, even in the library! Its Portable - yep, thats right! contains a 2400mAh high quality lithium battery that holds up to 10 hours of battery power Its Dynamic - This product comes with 6 interchangeable head attachments so release all physical discomforts Whats included? ✓ Myoflex Power Massage Gun ✓ 6 x Head attachments pieces ✓ Carry Case ✓ Power Supply ✓ User Manuel ✓ 1 year of Manufacturers Warranty Six Attachment pieces: ✓ Big Ball Head ✓ Spade Shaped Head ✓ Flat Head ✓ Bullet Head ✓ Flat Corked Head Technical Specifications - ✓ Weight: 800g ✓ Battery: 2400mAh High-Quality Lithium Battery ✓ Input Voltage: 100-240V ✓ Plug Type: AU/EU/UK/US

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