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Reams Biological theory of ionization - Using a saliva and urine sample, your practitioner can measure how far from perfect your digestion and biochemistry is, and give a mathematically precise instructions on how to correct your "Numbers" to bring the body to an optimal state where the body's ability to heal itself is at its strongest. E-Lybra - Using Bio-Resonance technology, the E-Lybra can detect imperfect frequency's in the body and provide the correct frequency to bring that region of the body back to order Professional coaching - Deal Professional Coaching - Using Time Line Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic programming and hypnosis, your practitioner can help remove inappropriate and unwarranted negative emotions and limiting decisions, and help lay down new habits and patters to allow for a better quality of life Shop - Includes supplements to correct biochemistry and products to help protect the body from environmental conditions

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