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Killara New South Wales

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Killara New South Wales

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Our Vision is to Restore Balance to Our Body and Experience Harmony on Earth. We believe we are a culmination of natures most beautiful and advanced creative expression. Our bodies/vehicles are the most advanced technology in the Universe. We are inseparable from the eternal Now moment. We are also the observer of this moment and the source of the observer – the inseparable All that is. We are also energy vibrating at a specific frequency, as is the entire manifest Universe. Each of us have a unique and specific frequency which is also a set of information and a template. At Manna Energy we believe we are stewards for natures creative expressions, which support this template and information to thrive by providing pure, full spectrum and the highest frequency elemental expressions. We wish to share our re-connection to life and the truth with you in a nurturing and nourishing environment. We are creations of love, and love and gratitude will take us home. We believe our self realisation and re-connection to Oneness is our destiny.

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