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13a/44 Pelican Waters Blvd
Pelican Waters

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What We Can Help With. Neck Or Cervical Pain Shoulder Pain Lower Back Pain Sciatica Hip Pain Anxiety Depression Insomnia Headaches & Migraines Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sinus Problems Arthritis & Arthritic Pain Jaw And Face Pain Irritable Bowel Syndrome Balancine Reproductive Hormones Arthritis Tennis And Golfer's Elbow Nausea Circulatory Issues Sports Injuries Indigestion Problems Motor Vehicle Injuries Headaches Bladder Infection Back & Neck Migraines Stress Related Disorders Joint Pain Menstrual & Pms Problems Menopause Smoking Addiction Obesity & Weight Control Insormata Multiple Infertility Sclerosis Increasing Peripheral Circulation Depression Augmenting Skin And Muscle Blood Flow Muscle Cramps Aches And Spasms Decreasing Heart Rate Reducing Elevated Blood Pressure Stress/anxiety High Blood Pressure Regulating Autonomic Nervous System Normalizing Gastro-intestinal Motility Digestional Disorders Boosting Immune Function Located at Pelican Waters Shopping Center Sunshine Coast

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