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Why choose Life Force Kinesiology?

We work with adults and children on any issue - physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual. We have successfully helped thousands of people overcome big life challenges: - Attract the right life partner / improve harmony in current relationship - Boost self acceptance and confidence - Reduce feelings of anxiety or depression - Achieve new levels of success in career and business - Experience gains in learning / processing difficulties, eg. dyslexia, autism, sensory processing disorder - Reduce the symptoms caused by chronic physical conditions - Resolve compulsive behaviours and addictions, eg. smoking, drinking and overeating - Heal childhood trauma and past hurtful experiences that impact on day-to-day life With 30 years' experience in Kinesiology, we are here to assist with any health or life challenge. Sessions usually range from one to two hours but may be shorter or longer, depending on the issue. It is recommended to have 3 sessions in relation to any specific issue. This allows the subconscious to fully adopt and accept the changes made in the first sessions, though naturally, this is your decision.

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