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Why choose Kogan Hospitality Consulting?

Daniel Kogan is the principal consultant at Kogan Hospitality Consulting. Daniel's background of more than 16 years in hospitality management and business development has given him unique skills and experience as a broker. Daniel's ability to think laterally gives him a strong capacity to identify points of weakness and implement efficient procedures to assist business owners to set, then achieve their goals. Having managed, owned and sold a number of cafes, Daniel understands the practical ins-and-outs of business ownership, as well as the sale process. In his work as a business development consultant and industry professional in high end restaurants, cocktail bars and industry leading hotels, Daniel developed an ability to think laterally and problem solve. He has an eye for detail and creativity which sets him apart, he can identify weak points in a business then implement efficient strategies to deliver often incredible results. Daniel is the guy that frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty when it's needed. He's the person you want in your corner when obstacles arise, as they often do in a business sale. Empathetic and honest, Daniel is able to understand the perspectives of both vendors and purchasers. He strives to keep all parties involved in a business transaction as informed and comfortable as possible. In his personal time, Daniel is a big foodie and is often out eating and drinking his way around Sydney with his wife Jodie, an employment lawyer at one of the most reputable global firms around. Keeping up to date with current food trends is a hard job, but someone has to do it. Contact Daniel today to see how he can help you.

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