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Inventor of topical remedies with TGA approval without contraindications and 100% efficacy stopping Migraine attacks within seconds - assisting addiction prevention - PTSD - detox Covid 19 answers for patients or quarantine cases or vaccination - take Aspro Clear to prevent blood clogging the dangerous effect of Covid 19 recover quick with advice of ebook Kempe Therapies from Amazon or Barns and Noble section sinus - flu - pneumonia - immune system - cardiac New cancer therapies - HIUS - dietetic - frequency therapy - ionisation - alkalisation A holistic health approach including kinesiology CELLGIVITY THE DOOR TO BETTER HEALTH Kempe Therapies: Frequency Treatment and Kinesiology Verification on outstanding liver improvement with frequency therapy values improved substantially via daily frequency therapy we perform the frequency therapy and sell the frequency Therapy device The liver is our major detox organ improvements increase agility and performance on all levels Treatment recommended ongoing min for two weeks Dr. Gerhard F. Kempe is an author and practitioner of alternative medicine from Queensland. *Email for E-book guide for a quick recovery of Covid-19. By appointment or phone consult 07 38063453 - 0455107785 A section of the E-book covers Sinus-Immune System -Cardiac-Pneumonia - Flu guiding Covid-19 cases, vaccinations and quarantines for quick recovery. Aspro Clear is recommended to thin the blood and avoid Covid-19 complications. Holistic advice - New medical studies - sleep disorders - cancer - hip - ageing new research crowned by cures

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