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Dr Christo Miliotis is a medical researcher who specialises in services using a unique combination of techniques to build a diagnostic picture including 5 element acupuncture pulse diagnosis , kinesiology and iridology and an extensive health questionnaire to get a wholistic picture of your health . “ As all diseases begin in the gut' - Hippocrates: then the focus is on gut health and healing the gut to prevent chronic disease as 70% of our immune cells are wrapped around the gut and when the gut wall barrier is breached leaky gut syndrome develops , leading the the coming into contact of bowel contact with the immune system and setting up systemic inflammation . To seal and heal the gut is fundamental to regulating the immune system and ultimately optimising our overall health and wellbeing. As inflammation is the central feature of up to 90% of chronic disease , this is fundamental to restore health . Christo is doing a PhD researching the importance of the Gut health and prescribes individualised diets and herbs and supplement to maintain the integrity of the gut wall barrier . He also teaches fermenting foods and drinks and is writing a book on this as well as running online courses. His Facebook group is Fermenting foods . Consultations can be done via video link up or face to face in Mosman Sydney Contact via

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