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"It was not until aged 24, when my first significant relationship ended, that for the first time in my life, I was forced to stop and take a look at my own reflection. At that time it dawned on me that I had no idea who I was looking at. What were this person's values, his dreams, his desires? Did he enjoy being social or was he an introvert? How did he like to dress or what were his hobbies? The reflection was of a terrified, inauthentic and utterly lost individual..." As a practicing therapist, I constantly try to shift my focus between subjectivity and objectivity to attempt to feel as you do, as well as attain external insight. I see therapy not as ‘doctor-patient' scenario but rather as two colleagues ‘tackling a problem together'. The aim is to connect with you on a intellectual/emotional/experiential and/or a spiritual level, therefore allowing your issues to be explored with a level of subjectivity and always with a high degree of compassionate understanding. Specializing in Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Integration Therapy

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