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Inhance Holistics was founded by experienced therapist Rosalie Scott. Rosalie offers professional Holistic Massage and Anja & Neuro Light Machine Therapy to her valued clients from her home salon in West End. Holistic Massage using a combination of techniques and tailored to your individual needs. Please go to the Facebook page indicated below for a full description. What if there were a way to reprogram your brain to better deal with stress and relax more easily.. Well there is with Anja & Neuro Light Healing Therapy. * The Anja Light: Healing Benefits * Developed in 2014, the Anja Light provides a new way to stimulate the pineal gland. Some call the pineal gland the 'third eye' because it has photoreceptors, not unlike receptors into our two eyes, and because the light that strikes our eyes activates it. The Anja Light offers a unique opportunity to experience relaxation effects. It has been expertly engineered to help you decompress and reach a deep state of relaxation. This treatment is safe and effective; when used appropriately it can have long lasting effects on stress relief and rid your brain of negative energy or unnecessary static. An Anja Light treatment is a light sequence combined with calming music. It activates various areas in the brain and stimulates the pineal gland, which sends you into a sleep-like state. Once you reach this state, the Anja Light works to reset faulty brainwaves and reduce stress. Please contact Rosalie on 0418 790 786 for availability and pricing.

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