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Welcome to the home of Infinite Vitality. My name is Pavla and I guide people on their personal evolution journey through life. As a Neo Shamanic Healing Arts Practitioner Iridology and Sclerology Practitioner Quantum Flow Practitioner as well as Whole food Farmacist I offer wide variate of skills to assist my clients on their journey in life, may it be with their physical health, Mental or emotional Wellness. Energy work is essential in my tool kit and provides incredible results every time. I offer remote or in person ( if you live in Melbourne) energy healing sessions Currently available: * Vaccination/ Shedding Clearing Protocol * Family Vaccination/ Shedding Clearing Protocol * Deep Trauma release work - this work can be done by one at the time appointment or for individuals that are committed to creating new reality for themselves, connecting to who they truly are and are ready to let go of all the old pain and suffering, we custom make 12 week package to address all areas of life to tailer for profound transformation and profound deep healing. Pricing: one of session: $111 12 week package $1222

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