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Why choose Health Ninjas?

Health Ninjas provides access to health and wellness solutions for kids and adults. HEALTH NINJA KIDS PROGRAM (5-11 year olds) Health Ninjas is a breakthrough 16 week program that will get your kids thinking about their health differently. More exercise, better food choices and a healthier approach to screen use. It will teach them to start asking themselves quality questions around their health decision making to embed lifetime healthy choices. For more information and to subscribe go to Q SCIENCES KIDS PRODUCTS Q max formula ( the kids version of Q max to assist in better neural function) Q SCIENCES ADULT HEALTH PRODUCTS Health Ninjas allows access to the q sciences range of products. These include: Full Spectrum Hemp products Mens and Womens herbal support product Q Max (the signature multivitamin and mineral formula to assist brain health and nutrition. Full range of Q sciences sprays including the vitamin D and sleep sprays Please feel free to find out more about Nervana chiropractic on this website and contact us for any enquiry. For more information and to order contact us at

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