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Point Frederick

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The care and attention of two. At Healing Tree Natural Medicine, both Youngmee and Dahbin work side-by-side to assist you with your condition so that you can get the most out of your treatment session. ​ ​Understanding your condition means talking to you first. Dahbin and Youngmee will carefully listen to your concerns, lifestyle habits and situation, before any treatments. As Chinese Medicine Practitioners, they will incorporate acupuncture, natural herbal medicine, diet, exercise and lifestyle advice, as well as special exercises to promote self-healing internally and externally. This allows you to take an active part of your own well being and shorten the treatment period. However, for most of your session with us, you get to relax on the treatment bed for acupuncture, following a treatment plan that suits you. That is after all, everyone's favourite part. Winding down in a safe place, creating time for you and your body to heal.

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