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Essential Bliss promotes health and wellness through the use of essential oils, plant-based products, massage and meditation. Raindrop technique practitioner, recreational Raindrop classes, baby massage instructional classes. Raindrop technique is a gorgeous massage technique combining aromatherapy, Tibetan reflexology and massage. It uses ancient Egyptian and native American energy techniques. It is deeply relaxing yet surprisingly energising, helping to balance both body and emotions. Raindrop technique harnesses the power of seven amazing essential oils and two gorgeous blends. It is an experience that's like no other! Join one of our recreational Raindrop classes and learn a version of Raindrop technique to perform on your friends and family! Infant massage classes give professional guidance to empower and encourage deeper connection with your baby. Infant massage allows for relaxation, comfort and a deep bonding connection. I received my qualification in 2015 with the International Association of Infant Massage, IAIM, which is the only government-accredited training course for baby massage instructors in Australia. We run an online meditation and oils workshop for ladies every fortnight - all ladies are welcome.

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