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My aim is to assist and support my clients to restore and achieve optimal health and vitality. My commitment is to the wellbeing of all clients and their individual needs in order to realise their true potential and to live their life to its fullest. Qualifications: - Diploma of Remedial Massage - Bowen Therapy modules 1-4 (Bowtech) - Diploma of Kinesiology Workshops completed: - Law of 5 Elements Acupressure Applications - Neural Organisation Technique - Advanced Acupressure - 7 Chi Keys - Stress Indicator Points (SIPS) 0 - 4 - Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP) 1 -4 - Leap Learning - Sports Kinesiology (DR Charles Krebs) - Body Alignment Proprioception (BAP SIPS) - Energetic Structure of Man and the Universe (Dr Charles Krebs)

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