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CyberScan is a device that measures your body's morphogenetic field, assesses imbalances within that field that may be causing a disruption to your health and then formulates a treatment to help your body rebalance. The CyberScan can detect what is causing the imbalances and administer treatments to help the body overcome them. How the CyberScan works: When a client places their hand or a hair sample on the CyberScan device, within a few moments, the machine has scanned their morphogenetic field. The CyberScan contains a database of more than 135,000 energy signatures. By challenging your body with many of these energy signatures the device can determine which ones are acting as stressors and which ones are acting as balancers for your body. As the CyberScan device scans your morphogenetic field, it tests that scan with many energetic signals of potential stressors. By reading the effect each energy signal has on your system it can build up a ‘picture' of the signals and their frequencies that may be causing health imbalances. CyberScan is not a diagnostic tool. CyberScan is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure disease or illness. CyberScan is not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric care or treatment.

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