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I can assist and support you to take your power back of your own life, your body and soul. Take control of your personal and professional business. The choice is your's... Create Happy Minds with Kinesiology supports busy adults to reduce stress and anxiety, so you too... enjoy life with friends and family or even on your own. My passion for energy medicine started a long time ago when I woke up one day and could not get out of bed because my back was so sore! I could not go to work. I managed to see an acupuncturist that day. I really thought traditional Chinese medicine could not ‘fix' me and, at that time, it could not – I had to find a state of balance within myself first. I was so desperate to get rid of the pain; my journey led me to Neurolink (similar to applied kinesiology/touch for health). Following that treatment, my back pain did not return. I was so curious and intrigued that I needed to know more so that I too could heal my family and friends, some of whom suffered from mental and physical illnesses, etc. This occurred in 2001; since then I have never stopped learning (ironically, part of that learning is now acupuncture!). Here are some treasures I found on the journey of my learnings: Educational Kinesiology/BrainGym has given me the confidence to learn. Touch For Health/Applied Kinesiology has given me the gift to understand energy medicine. Thetahealing has given me a deeper understanding of the power of visualization. Acupuncture taught me to accept traditional Chinese medicine concepts that have been shown to work for thousands of years. Emotional Freedom Technique/Thought Field Therapy has shown me the power of thought. My wish for the future is better communication within our health system and the use of allopathic medicine in combination with holistic, oriental, and energy medicine. And that we may all be educated enough to make the best choices for our future mental & well-being. Some of us are so stressed, we argue with our loved ones for no particular reason. We may forget people's names easily, or where we have placed things. Perhaps the car keys end up in the fridge! Some of us have headaches on our days off or feel so depressed that you can't do anything at all. Feeling tired when you wake up or can't sleep when you go to bed. There can be many reasons why we feel off or issues occur. Clients often ask how many times they should see me for a consultation. This is determined by your health issues and your response to my therapies. I believe everyone has a free choice. Some people choose to visit fortnightly, monthly, or bi-monthly. It depends on YOUR needs. It is YOUR story, YOUR health, and YOUR well-being, YOUR choice. Much of my work is referrals from very satisfied clients. I am here to heal and hold space – my hope is for you to be able to move forward in life and shine your light. Repeat clients do return to maintain their positive mental state of well-being and physical health and work on issues layer by layer, like an onion. Healing is for all ages and all walks of life. Most people say after a balance their emotional stress levels have reduced significantly and parents tell me their child has increased participation in the classroom, stays focused, and is more attentive. If you would like to book your appointment, click here. There is really hope for everyone, also for you. Never give up. When you can't see a way out, let me guide and support you. Be the Master of Your Own Mind, Be the Author of your Life. – My name is José Toussaint Energetic Kinesiology combined with energy medicine, tailored to your unique self. Sessions are face to face or via ZOOM. Private sessions, group sessions, workshops and packages of mentorship are available. Keep an eye out for workshops and courses on or

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