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The only way to form good relationships is to be honest with people, treat them with respect, deliver consistent service, and occasionally, exceed expectations, and tell them when you can NOT help them. Most patients are accepted by referral from other satisfied customers, as this is the best form of advertising. The next is the Internet as it gives one an opportunity to reflect on the nature of a business. I hope you get a feel for the service and ethics of my business through these ‘pages'. Chiropractors are not merely manipulative therapists, but doctors who understand the nature, co-management, diagnosis and pathogenesis of spinal and neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders relating to health and wellbeing, when and when they do not respond to our unique management utilising specific spinal and musculoskeletal manual care. History of chiropractic ierano Chiropractic ierano was established June 27, 1997, in Camden, New South Wales, Australia. Dr Joseph Ierano returned from the United States in March, 1997, after completing his chiropractic studies, and began setting up his office. He is the longest practicing Atlas Orthogonist in Australia. Dr Ierano is: 1997 Graduate, Palmer College of Chiropractic, USA, and 1992 Anatomy Bachelor's Degree, University of New South Wales. 1996 Board Certified in Atlas Orthogonal (Atlanta, USA) technique procedures Australian Upper Cervical educator for AO USA since 1999 Trained in Impulse IQ “Neuromechanical” Adjusting Instrument and an occasional Australian instructor formerly Advanced Certified Activator Methods, Arizona USA a 20 year member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia up until 2015, and served as President of the state NSW branch from 2012- 2014. Awarded Chiropractor of the Year in CAANSW in 2002 Former, Media Liaison for CAA National and NSW Former, Products Endorsement Chair, CAA National We want our patients to feel that they are in a safe, caring place that knows they are part of a professional ‘family'.

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