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Sanna Petersen Naturopath
Brisbane and Hervey Bay based Naturopath, Sanna Petersen offers a wide range of services and treatment options in order to meet individual needs. Having worked in Natural Medicine for 25 years, using sophisticated diagnostic tools, Sanna's aim is
Blissful Balance Kinesiology and Holistic Health
Kinesiology is a holistic/natural alternative modality that uses non-invasive muscle testing to test your body for imbalances and stress. These imbalance are a result of emotional, mental, nutritional, physical or spiritual issues. Using many Holi
New Era of Happiness
If you are looking to have freedom from stress, a relaxing and energetically positive experience then access bars is for you. Access bars are 32 points on your head that when gently touched effortlessly and easily, release anything that stops you fr
Energetic Wellness
Our highest priority is to relieve or change any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing using 21st Century Technology and Advanced Energetic Healing Techniques. We will tailor your treatment plan to suit your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual
The Journey of Therapy Think of therapy as an inner journey with the therapist as your guide. With a good therapist assisting you, your emotions (what you feel inside) begin to get in sync with your intellect (what you know). When your head leads an
Bodywise Noosa
Bodywise Noosa's osteopath, Megan Smart, provides individually tailored, gentle, effective treatment to harness the body's self healing ability. We are dedicated to the highest standards of care and are continually advancing our skills and knowledge
Vicki Haspels
"I love giving readings.To me, my clients are more than clients and I am humbled by the trust they show me and their faith in the Power of Spirit that works with them along their journey. The sense of peace and clarity a reading brings is what
medicina movement australia
Immerse yourself in nature ... Let's reconnect, back to the earth, back to ourselves , back into our hearts... Connect to the unique sounds of the birds.. Connect to the subtle smell of dew rain... connect to the raw taste of our mother cacao so w
My gut feeling
A naturopathic business offerings personalised health care solutions from the comfort of your own home. . .
Kerry-Lee, specialist in Bowen therapy and SCIO provides a life changing treatment that cleanses the mind, soul and body. Kerry-Lee has treated a multitude of people that have all thoroughly enjoyed their treatment and have had definite positive chan
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