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Ready to discover how to live a balanced, optimised life and regain your youthful vitality? Want to perform at your best by maximising and maintaining your health span, not just life span? I am Tommy Galant, BioTech Health Coach and Mr BioTech Exec. My vision is to create superhuman leaders leveraging biotech to create a new paradigm of business, health and leadership. With the latest cutting-edge biotechnology, I help you to biohack your competitive edge. Optimise your health, longevity, performance and well-being to reach the next level of superhuman innovation. Are you ready to experience the new state of personalised optimisation – Homestatic flow? I use executive coaching and the latest cutting-edge Bio-Feedback technology to help: Identify your Bio-markers that are at risk Re-calibrate and optimize your Bio-Health KPI's Reactivate your potential for longevity, high-performance and enhanced well-being What I'm most passionate about is creating superhuman leaders leveraging biotech at scale. I'm the guy in a Formula 1 race that is in the pits watching your biomarkers via biotechnology telemetry and applying practices in epigenetics and overall well-being to get you to that healthy equilibrium state of homeostasis where the body is running at its optimum and you have a fulfilled state of well-being over a 12 week period with the BioTech Exec program. I believe that we are hardwired with a set of mental DNA talents in how we naturally think, feel and behave, which is why I love Strengths Finder 2.0. It aligns with my beliefs around our physical DNA and the evidence behind approaches to maximum performance through leading edge discoveries in epigenetics, nutrigenomics and biotechnologies to take someone from good and giving them the tools to go beyond great.

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