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Below Zero Cryo - Rejuvenate, Sculpt, Recover! Looking for holistic, non-surgical treatments that help you look good, feel good and stay young? Our specialty is the use of cryotherapy to achieve exceptional, visible results you can see and feel. Our Cryo Facelifts, Skin Treatments, Cellulite Treatments and Fat Freezing Treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical, painless and affordable (unlike Hifu and Cool Sculpting). We also offer Medical Grade Light Therapy for skin repair, rejuvenating facials and teeth whitening. TREATMENTS Cryotherapy Chamber For whole-body muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, accelerating weight loss, and overall wellness. Localised Cryotherapy Most effective for acne, rosacea, eczema, arthritis, soft tissue and injury healing. Cryo T-Shock Cutting edge, fat freezing technology for non-invasive facelifts, double-chin reduction, non-invasive liposuction and cellulite reduction. MediLUX LED Tailored to the unique needs of your skin, our MediLUX LED 'light therapy' treatments use medical-grade light therapy for rejuvenating facials and to treat a range of skin conditions. BrightTonix The BrightTonix Teeth Whitening and Mouth Rejuvenation system caters to our clients seeking a more advanced approach to teeth whitening to enhance their smile. Our Treatments Are: Non-Invasive No needles, no knives. Our extreme cooling technology does not damage any tissues. Painless Your skin will feel cold but there's no poking or squeezing, no pain or discomfort. Holistic There are no risks to your health. In fact, cryo has been proven to have positive effects on wellbeing. Customised Everyone's goals are different. We tailor each treatment plan to maximise the outcome.

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