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Tom Hong - PEMF Therapy
PEMF Therapy gently pulses the earth's natural magnetic fields through the body. This induces microcurrents to all cells in order to stimulate the body's own natural healing processes. PEMF optimises cellular voltage, which boosts ATP production,
Plus Life Clinic
Nestled in the popular and community based suburb of Wentworth Point, Sydney is where you will discover Plus Life Clinic. Practice Director Jenny Shin operates Plus Life Clinic and has been specialising in massage therapy for over five years. J
The Energy Healing Centre
I help people by working with their body to clear belief systems and correct energetic linkages and I use a technique called Spinal Flow to allow energy to flow with ease up and down the spine. I specialise in helping clients release past trauma and
Uplift energy frequency scans and session
Announcement!!! New services in Noosa!!! • H E A L Y S E S S I O N • bookings for next week $111 90 minutes Full Body + Aura Scan + Treatment E X P E R I E N C E NEW I N N O V A T I O N I N H E A L T H C A
New Era of Happiness
If you are looking to have freedom from stress, a relaxing and energetically positive experience then access bars is for you. Access bars are 32 points on your head that when gently touched effortlessly and easily, release anything that stops you fr
The Health Centre of Excellence
With easy access to the community being a key driver, the Health Centre of Excellence opens up channels for problem solving strategies for not-for-profit health organisations. Within the Health Centre of Excellence, members actively share best pract
BCR Medical
BCR Group Pty Ltd T/A BCR Medical is an Australian owned and operated company. BCR Medical directors have over 30 years of experience in the Medical, Health and Emergency Management fields. Our experience includes running frontline emergency services
Scripts on Qoin
Prescriptions on Qoin available Australia wide please phone first before sending Prescriptions. We need your Medicare No. & expiry date, medication profile, Prescription & payment. Items dispensed via registered post Tuesday - Friday. Posta
Our Wellness Community
Welcome to the virtual face of Our Wellness Community (OWC), an online center for wellness in body, mind, heart & soul. This virtual address is an introduction to our sacred & fast growing community, housed on Facebook, and we hope it provide
Taupo Laser Clinic
Thor Lights regenerates tissue, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. It does this by increasing cellular energy (ATP) and reducing oxidative stress.
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